Feng Shui & The Flow Of Energy In Your Home

When it comes to decorating your home and creating your own personality of your living space, there are so many questions you might have on where to start and what some key components of your space might be. I recently made a move and tried to implement a style of decor that was slightly different from my norm. I found myself having a decent number of doubts. Although my personality and career is heavily involved with design and creativity, I wasn’t confident in the methods I was using to approach my reinvention. Not only when considering my decorating trends, but more importantly with the overall feel, utilization, and flow of energy in my spaces. 

After much research in the art of reinventing your home energy, I ended up coming across so much useful inspiration and information I was previously unaware of that I just felt the need to share what I had newly learned in the hopes that some tireless soul out there who related to my redecorating troubles could benefit from what i have discovered. 

For starters, something that I truly believe is highly underappreciated in interior design settings for beginners is the art of lighting. When being instructed on the facets of designing your home, educators stress the use of light in a room and just how much of a difference it can make. At various universities, I found lecture studies that contended the high importance of properly incorporating light in your home. In feng shui, light is considered the strongest manifestation of energy. Therefore, of utmost importance on use and placement.

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Different types and levels of lighting can affect the way you feel and move throughout your space as well as your mood and energy levels. Good feng shui in your home requires a balance of certain energies. In your living room, you might consider utilizing the allowable level of natural lighting that you have and mixing the natural light with touches of vertical, warm tones lighting. This promotes a relaxed setting, and a more welcoming space that encourages both you and you guests to unwind. In your office, try a decent amount of natural lighting, but also incorporate low eye level fluorescent lighting. This tends to add a bit more productive energy to your chi space and encourages energy flow through both natural lighting and synthetic lighting. 

Something I also find extremely useful in the energy setting of a home is lighting that is also utilitarian. To be more specific, lighting that offers a purpose other than just the energy that light provides in feng shui. For example, lighting that has some sort of movement to it, such as lighting that rotates or moves on its own in a relaxing manner. This can create an infinite array of energy and gives the room an essence of endless activity, which can serve very well in common areas and dining rooms, encouraging open flows of movement and conversation. 

One of my more favored pieces of lighting structures is the Kunlun Mountain Incense Burner. This burner offers a variety of benefits to the energy and design of the room it's in. The light itself is in a harmonic shape of a circle, which in ancient cultures of feng shui practice is believed to encourage energy cleansing by offering a sacred geometry for energy to flow through and be given a balance by doing so. The light is also a low-lit dimmable warm hue that is great for any room you;d like to introduce some more harmonic, calming energy into. The hand-crafted ceramic mountain structure that is affixed to the light offers an artful and insightful design piece that will have all of your guests wondering where you got this piece and how they can get one (i’ve been asked about mine by at least a dozen friends)! And lastly, the best part of this useful piece of art is that it has the duality of also being an incense burner, which brings me to my next implementation of energy into the home.

Fung shui is literally translated to wind and water. This art of design is based off of Chi, the movement of energy through a space- meaning the implementation of incense into your chi is almost imperative. Incense is already heavily believed to be able to transfer flows of energy, especially depending on the type of incense used. Incense can aid in the flow of energy through a room by balancing it. Where energy tends to seem to fast or out of control, and you tend to experience more feelings of anxiety, incense has the ability to slow these vibrations and add a harmonic balance through the lyrical eb and flow of the smoke and energy it produces. However, the energy incense provides is not something that is eternal- this means to continue the vibrational benefits, you must burn incense on a fairly normal basis. 

For both artful design and energy balancing purposes, I typically recommend a backflow incense burner, for the reason being that it is an artful way to incorporate incense into your home, but also that within the practice offing shui, having a moving design in the room that is both relaxing and visually pleasing is imperative. The light fixture I mentioned above is my favorite item in my home. The way the light energy and incense energy bounce and play off of each other, offering an experience of visual play within smoke, light and shadows, while also further training the energy of the room wherever it touches truly embodies the idea of a functional art piece. However, any sort of incense burning is considered crucial in the art of energy flow in a room. 

Not only do you get a plethora of benefits from certain extracts in incense, but you’re also contributing to the cleansing of energy in the rooms you utilize incense in. Incense is also thought to play a role in contributing to energy manifestations. By having a steady state of movement throughout your domain, you will find you can utilize this to either create more physical energy or help in maintaining a calmness of your space- which can be particularly useful in a room you use to mediate or relax in. 

I have already gained so much more pleasure both aesthetically and mentally in my home after implementing these few tips that only touch on lighting and incense in a space However, the wealth of ways in which you can improve the energy of your space are endless. Good luck exploring the facets of your home and finding ways in which you can create your most desired hearth. 

I will admit i’d love to cover more design tips and trades of the professionals- so if you enjoyed this blog post, feel free to reach out and give suggestions on some topics you’d like to read up on at support@zen-incense.com.