The effects Jasmine has on love, passion and so much more.

If you are looking to gain a more passionate love life, a greater self-appreciation, and feelings of desire, this is the article for you. 

The aroma i’ll be discussing is one of extreme power, and is not to be taken lightly. The spiritual and physical gain that you can receive from this flower is not to be underestimated. This is the heavenly aroma of Jasmine. 

  For centuries, jasmine has been widely used in practices of spell work, spirituality, and manifestation. The plant itself has showy, gorgeous white flowers that produce a potent aroma. 

Jasmine is commonly used in perfumes for the reason being that is so enticing to the scent receptors of the human brain. The true potential of jasmine, however, is so much more extensive than simply the pleasantry of the aroma. Jasmine is known historically as a flower that induces passion, romance, and attraction. It has been used in some practices as an aid in love rituals. The use of jasmine in terms of love and passion is the most astounding discovery that involves the uses of jasmine that I have personally experienced, but before I get into the deeper levels of love that this flower induces, here are a few other ways jasmine can be useful to your everyday life.

Recent studies show benefits of incense. Zen-Incense blog

Antispasmodic: If you or someone you know suffers from spasms of the body, particularly coughing spasms and stomach spasms. The presence of jasmine has been believed to reduce forms of spasmodic distress. Some chemicals in this flower were thought to even aid in labor pains because of its history in being used to treat irregular body functions and cramps that were caused by it.

Cicatrizant: Concentrated levels of jasmine have been shown to have an effect on the body that causes it to begin the process of cicatrizing. This means that the body responds to jasmine by creating scar tissue that helps heal with wounds. Jasmine does this by sending signals to cell receptors that help circulate blood and form tissues that aid in the process of repairing injuries. These healing processes have also been applied to individuals who suffer from psoriasis

Lessens negatives effects of menopause: Jasmine has been widely used to alleviate hot flashes and periods of mood fluctuations. I can help to improve one's mood and reduce the outbursts that can be caused by extremely irregular mood fluctuations. 

Galactagogues: This term refers to a substance that promotes or induces lactation. This is an old act that has been performed typically in middle eastern cultures where women would wear a crown of jasmine flowers to help them lactate and delay ovulation. 

And finally, for the most prominent use of jasmine incense and aromas-


Aphrodisiac: It is a longstanding tradition in many cultures throughout their time that at weddings, the bride and grooms room would be adorned with jasmine flowers, and jasmine flowers would be very prevalent in the hours following the ceremony because jasmine has been shown to promote feelings of love and romance. Jasmine has been known to be used to set the mood and encourage feelings of desire. 

A recent study actually showed that inhaling jasmine concentrate stimulates a response in the brain that makes an individual more sensitive to subtle sexual cues. Jasmine can increase energy as well. With both of these factors of love and stimulation combined, the essence of jasmine is one that is wildly intoxicating and will almost always produce an exemplary effect on those who choose to explore their fantasies. 

Jasmine is known as a divine, angelic scent. That its presence can induce feelings of love, compassion and sexual desire. In some cases where love rituals were performed, jasmine was shown to help with women or men who had aversions to sexual contact or to simply help in the overall experience. 

This means that not only does jasmine spark a flame of passion in the air that it intoxicates, but it also provides a more at-ease overall nature to the environment it flows through. In instances of awkward, insecure moments that unfortunately can often occur in moments with our lovers, jasmine eases these anxieties and calms the restless mind to allow the individual to truly focus and appreciate their partner by unwinding the senses. 

In casual encounters with jasmine, studies reported that even with the absence of a significant other in the vicinity, people who had been exposed to jasmine aromas still claimed to feel a sense of purpose, passion, and longing desire. This was channeled into not only the love lives of individuals, but also their overall passionate nature towards aspects of their life and most importantly- self love. 

Jasmine can promote the feelings you may be missing from your current perception of yourself. Because, lets face it, we all need a little bit more of some self-appreciation in our lives. Jasmine is the perfect key to engaging some of these emotions for the many reasons i’ve mentioned above. Fall back in love with yourself, learn to appreciate and admire your own abilities. Spark some jasmine incense and do something you truly enjoy that you’ve been lacking at making time for in your busy schedule. Read a book, draw, paint, have a yoga session. The idea of implementing jasmine into your life for the purpose of simply needing a boost of passion in your own mentality is where I have truly been sold on this particular flower. 

Jasmine incense can be the ideal way to implore your presence of jasmine aroma. Quality incense sticks or cones with a decent concentration of jasmine can be the ideal method for dispersion. Burning incense can be the perfect ritual to set the mood and open up emotional connections in your house. It’s particularly convenient versus other options of getting jasmine into the air flow,  especially with a backflow incense burner that offers a visual sensation as well. Aside from the added passion you could be welcoming into your life, you can also be benefiting from jasmine if you suffer from psoriasis, spasms, or general anxiety.