The secret benefits of lavender you've been missing out on

In the world of aromas in any form, lavender is widely popular. It is most commonly seen in the form of an oil, or used in scented anti-odor sprays. 

I personally use lavender in a variety of ways in my own house and encourage almost anyone to do the same. 

I tend to have dried lavender sprigs around the house for not only the pleasant aroma but they look adorable as a seasonal accent. I also swear by a misting spray that has lavender concentrate in it that I will typically use on my yoga mat before a yoga or meditation session and oftentimes I will spray this on my pillow before nighttime to get some extra relaxation when I lay my head down.

But above all other forms of lavender that i can concoct into my household fixtures, lavender incense is by far my favorite form. 

Although some of the benefits of lavender are somewhat commonly known, I have found that so many people are unaware of some of the deeper, helpful characteristics lavender can bring to your life. So what little aids are hiding in the molecules of this mysterious beauty that you’ve been missing out on? Gosh, where do i start?!

Aid in Relaxation: The soothing aroma of lavender is actually a natural sedative, so this incense scent may be perfect for when you come home, put your comfy clothes on, and settle into a good book or your favorite tv show. The sedative properties of lavender will help you unwind, and feel more at ease. 

Sleep Aid: As you may already know, lavender is a natural sleep-aid, for the reason being that the chemicals found in the lavender plant have been used to reduce stress and anxiety in a person’s physical and mental space for hundreds of years. If you have difficulty getting to bed at night, light a lavender incense before going to bed, and you are almost assured to drift to sleep with a level of ease you haven’t yet experienced.

Now, for some lesser known but equally as powerful benefits of lavender. 

Fertility Aid: What some of you may not be aware of is that the second most widely used purpose for lavender incense throughout ancient history is its aid in fertility. The reason for this use is that the aroma lavender flowers produce is actually scientifically proven to increase women’s sex drive. It is also believed to balance emotions caused by hormonal fluctuations. Because of the overall stress relief that lavender can provide, it also serves as a boost in sperm production in men. In both sexes, lavender heightens arousal and allows for a deeper romantic connection between couples.

Light a Lavendar Incense in the bedroom to spark that extra bit of passion you may be striving for

This next trait of lavender can be used not only in the bedroom, but in any room of the house, and after i explain why, you’ll be wanting this aroma in every corner of your home. Especially with the current events while being in the midst of a pandemic and recovering from a time where anything deemed ‘antibacterial’ was almost nearly impossible to locate, this pro-tip for ridding your home of germs may be your saving grace. 

Lavender is a natural antiseptic. This means it is both antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. While ancient religions believed in its ability to cleanse negative energy in the atmosphere, little did they know how right they were on a level not only spiritual, but scientific as well. Lavender cleanses the air wherever the smoke is drafted. I love anything that offers a multi-faceted level of benefits- to think you can clear the home of negative toxins while also cleansing physical germs is an absolute game-changer. 

Bug repellant: Not only does lavender cleanse and sanitize, but it is also a natural mosquito repellant- and so much healthier than the toxic chemicals that are sprayed onto our skin. 

Can increase focus and levels of creativity: Lavender is known to relax the mind, and due to this sedative nature of the chemical compounds in it- this means it slows the rapid attention span that so many of us tend to have in this highly stimulated society. Use lavender when studying or trying to concentrate to help your thoughts slow themselves and think more critically without the stress of outside factors.

When shopping for lavender incense, take the quality level of the product you're purchasing into consideration. There are no downsides to buying something economically friendly, but if you are hoping to get the most out of your lavender experience, you’ll want to be sure that there is a high concentration of lavender in the incense cones or sticks.